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Apollo Electric


Generator Sets
For all you power needs ranging from 20-2500KW. We have new and used Gen sets with a wide range of voltages and RPM's.

Portable Generators
Perfect power for on the go. These units are typically trailer mounted and have built in fuel tanks. Ideal for hurricane power outages.

Generator Ends
Apollo has a large inventory of gen ends. Brands that include Catterpillar, Kato, Leroy Somers, Marithon, Bemac, and Newage. Ranging from 20KW-10MW and in various RPM's.

Traction Motors
For all your drilling needs. Specializing in GE 752, 761, D79 and many more. These motors can be configured in shunt, series, double shaft and compound wound.

Components for trains including Tracktion motors, Engines, Generators, and Exciters. Brands that include EMD and GE.

Switch Gear
We have the equipment that you need to parallel generators. With name brands such as Semins Cutler Hammer and more.

Look through this section for miscellaneous parts including crankshafts, grounding resistors, blocks, power packs, fuel day tanks, and transformers.